Chris Kalcic-Monete: Aka: Nocti.. Owner of Replic8 Recordings/In-house graphic designer/Producer and in house mastering.
Back in '90 when the warehouse parties started to kick off in Toronto, Nocti jumped in with both feet. Hitting every weekend
party he could from '90-96. In 91 Nocti (Dj'd under the name Dj Trip) produced some mixed tapes for Toronto's rave hub X-Static,
Spinning Hardcore Rotterdam after getting his first proper set of 1210's. Shortly after getting the tables, studio gear was soon to follow.
Picking up a Roland 707,505, a Kurzweil K2000s some guitar effect pedals and an Atari STe, Nocti started to produce all types of electronic music.
where ever the mood took him that was the genre he made. From Ambient to hardcore, it was all so new and exciting.

With hundreds of tracks later, Nocti has been releasing his music piece by piece to friends in the real and virtual world.
Now the time has come for the release to the world.. Since 2001 Nocti has been sharing his music with friends and anyone who who has the bandwidth.
Three full albums of music have been available for download on Nocti's website and torrent sites for just over 10 years with more singles added often.
Now in 2015 Nocti is stoking the fire again. Nocti is going back to his roots of Dark Techno and techouse..