Trusted name in electronic music DJ circuit in New Delhi , India :
GAKI...known for his flawless flow in electronic music who craves for perfection & is known for stamping a lasting effect for days to come with his music.
Now making a mark as a producer & spewing out his state of mind into something tangible in form of his releases. Very influenced by Paranormal & dark side of life which reflects in his music.

He believes in making music which serves as stories for the dance floor.

True to his first love along with it the adrenaline that seemed amiss before, the rush that he experienced 15 years back when he realized that Music sets you free.

After holding numerous number of residencies like no other dj all these years . Spending most of his time locked inside his studio like a mad scientist ,

He promises to bring his world wide audience a shimmering fresh meaning to techno.