Mary Jane has spent over the last two decades centered around underground electronica and rave & dj culture.
Even from a teenager she was hooked on listening to music, collecting records, and even played the drums in a local garage band.
Mary Jane has often been called the “grandmother of the Memphis scene” and helped pioneer and further the Memphis underground.
In the past, she has owned, operated and bought for 2 different record stores in the Memphis area, Millennium Records and Electric Soul Patrol.
Mary Jane also promotes events with her crew ESP, and has been a vital element throughout the South and Mid-West United States.
She has performed in over 20 different cities and DJed at several hundred nightclubs, massives, one-off’s, and events, as well has held numerous club residencies,
including Hard Rock Café, Escape, XYZ, Nocturnal, Full Moon, Minglewood Hall, amongst others.

Currently she and Eno aka ?Confusion? are broadcasting weekly with their new show called "OUTBREAK Radio" on Fnoob Radio out of the UK, on the Fnoob Techno Radio channel online.

Every Wednesday 8:00pm-10:00pm CST, Memphis time or (Thursday 2:00am-4:00am GMT UK time)